Michael Croft

Serving Suggestion : Oil and acrylic painting

NOW showing at BUILDING F, London

Michael Croft | Serving Suggestion | Window Display | Building F
LOVE MEAT: merchandise

NOW selling at BUILDING F, London

Michael Croft | Tins of Sterilized Pork Protein | Love Meat

On display at Building F, Stoke Newington Church St., London. N1

Michael Croft | Love meat | Building F window
Some have requested the removal of Mamma Pig from the window. It disturbs their children... or maybe the kids are just asking tricky questions. A few doors down at No. 104 is a butcher's shop, simply called Meat; on display - mouthwatering bits of dead-fresh animals.
Michael Croft | Chicken Drumstick | Love Meat
The Gamble, Banksy Portrait - Michael Croft